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Part III

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"... One minute I'm cuttin on one end of this 2x4 and ..."

    Mike "Buzzsaw" Willemain puts it this way, "Every time there was a project to do there good ole Morgan was. We were really in tune if you know what I mean. It got to the point that if I went out to the shed to cut a 2x4, I'd look up and there Morgan would be holdin on to the other end of that thing."      "Anyway," continues Buzzsaw, "One minute I'm cuttin on one end of this 2x4 and Morgan's holdin on to the other and ...POW! That 2x4 fell square on my toe cause he wasn't there any more. He was gone...just like that!"

"Just ain't the same 'round here no more," Charles McChucklechunks told reporters. "Makes for a real short horseshoe game, I can tell you that! I'll throw my shoes and just wait ...nothing! That silver set of shoes just kind of sits there in the dust not movin or nothin!"

Mr. McChucklechunks adds, "Yeah, me an ole Morgan spent a lot of time out here in the pits just a flappin and a yappin, playin shoes, and drinkin a ice cold pop."