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Part III

Page 3

"...Morgan was one cool cat, daddy-o..."

    Reporters learned from Rockin "Boom-Boom" Randy that Morgan hasn't eluded everyone. "Yeah, I saw him, man. He stopped in the club that night for his usual, raisins and peanuts in milk. Seemed like it was 'autopilot' for the Morg-a-lator that night. You know, kind of like he had something on his mind."     "There was one weird thing though," added Boom-Boom, "Morgan was one cool cat, daddy-o, and he always remembered to toss ole Beggin' Billy a nickel or two, but that night, he gave Billy the keys to his house and some papers and stuff - Morgan was just that kind of guy. If he was done with something, he always made sure it went to good use."


"...I used to like to bite his kneecaps."


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I miss ya buddy!