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Real 10k Dice

Download Page

What is it?
Real 10k Dice is a dice game for 1 to 4 players using six dice and is NOTHING LIKE YAHTZEE. I learned it as a kid and have seen several versions out there but none with the rules I grew up with, so I wrote this one. It is pretty easy to learn and very addictive.

See Screen Shot

System requirements:
OS: Windows 95/98/NT
Video: 16bit colors at any resolution
Hard drive: 650k ( or 2meg ( - see installation below.

Installing the game:

Two installations versions exist;
1. Full install ( includes all the VB6 system runtime files needed to run the game.
2. Game only install ( has all the needed game files and no runtime files. Many computers already have these runtime files and do not need to install another set.
3. Unzip all files into a temporary folder then run the setup file. Follow the prompts to install into the desired location. After installation finishes, find the program group created on the start menu and click the shortcut to play.

Full install with VB6 runtime files. (1,797k)
Game only install. (661k)