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Pokémon Deck Builder
Version 1.2.0

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The Mew Card Is Out (Pokémon #151)

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This program is being offered as FREEWARE (Postcard-Ware)

After years of using tons of freeware offered by other authors, I am finally able to give something back to the cyberworld from which I have benefited so much. Feel free to share this software with anyone you wish, include it on a compilation or whatever.  I just ask that you keep the whole program in tact and maybe send me a postcard (My address is on the "About" screen in the program.

What it is:   »» Screen Shot ««
This program was put together as an exercise in database manipulation using Visual Basic 6.0(sp3). Watching my 9 year old son put together decks on the living room floor with cards spread out over the entire floor, I had the idea to build this program for the purpose of assembling a deck without having to spread out and finger through 150 Pokémon cards and 40+ Trainer cards. Using the version 2 rules, I wrote many "IF" statements to prevent accidental (or intentional) illegal decks. Also, a scanned graphic of each card is displayed with each selection when browsing.
System Requirements:
Windows 95/98
About 8 meg of free hard drive space
At least 800 x 600 screen resolution preferred with 16 bit or 24 bit colors.
An Unzipping program (Like EasyZip2000 available here)

(Full Install)
   (about 5 meg)  »» Screen Shot ««
Please see note below.

Installation considerations:
This program will install the most recent version of Microsoft's database objects utilities (ver. 2.1) and the Visual Basic 6.0 runtime files.  After running the setup for the first time, if you see a restart message, just reboot the computer and rerun the setup program and installation will resume.

Download:   (Manual Install w/out runtimes)   (about 1.5 meg.)  »» Screen Shot ««

If you already have the VB6 runtime files on your system and the Microsoft "JET" database engine (if you run Access, you have "JET") just download this file and unzip it into it's own directory. Make sure the graphics are in their own folder called " \graphics " in the PokéDeck directory. Create a shortcut to "PokeDeckBuilder.exe" and your ready to build.